BMW developed a new laser lights of the car

As one of the world's most successful companies in the industry, luxury cars, BMW Group attaches great importance to technological development in various sectors in the world auto industry. There is no doubt that the extraordinary innovations and technological progress are key issues BMW guarantee the forefront of the competition. At the level of foreign car lights, BMW also is leading the vanguard adoption of lamps that operate LED technology, for example, cars Category VI, and the latest developments such as the High-beamAssistant to switch between high and low beams stainless dazzle.
After lights-tech LED, which lights come laser to form the next obvious step in the technology development of auto lamps. BMW engineers are working now on the adoption of laser lights that work as a technology leader for its models within the next few years. Then give us the technology and new lighting functions to achieve greater safety, comfort and big savings in energy and fuel efficiency thanks to high.
Laser light beams issued semi-parallel
Laser light that is completely different from the light of the sun and the different types of artificial lighting, which are commonly used today. First, the illumination laser monochrome, meaning that light waves are the same length. This is known also as the lighting source of light "coherent", ie that the waves made a fixed time difference. As a result, the illumination laser beam is able to issue a semi-parallel sharply than traditional LED lights a thousand times. In adopting this technology in the headlights of the car, can use these features and new functionality in full. Moreover, the high efficiency characteristic of the laser light means that the laser lamps that consume less than half the consumption of energy consumed by the lamp-tech LED. Thus, the laser Valmassabih provide fuel.
It is worth mentioning is that the laser light unit does not pose a threat to humans or animals or nature when used in cars. Due to the fact that light does not shine directly but converted to a beam can be used on the roads. The light output is bright and very white. Moreover, it is annoying to hear and consumption of energy is very low.
Laser diodes are in use today in the consumer sector
Lighting technology safe laser is in use in a number of consumer products, with that in many cases it does not alert the customer that they used in the product you bought. But the situation will be different when the adoption of this technology in cars, but not all, the point is visible.
The high efficiency of the other benefits enjoyed by lighting technology that laser, a feature BMW's engineers intend to use it as much as possible to increase efficiency in the car as a whole. They felt that BMW was the first laser lights in the BMW i8 Concept, a car model from the brand BMW i. Sub- It is this idea of ​​appropriate and perfectly adequate, especially as the BMW i new concept embraces the idea of ​​sustainability.
Lighting by laser: safety and effectiveness of Aalian
The idea of ​​safety is very important in the development of laser illumination for use in cars. BMW and put the idea of ​​complete safety for the eyes of both walking on the roads and high reliability in daily use above all else. Thus, before the light emitted from the diode laser to a small road, turn laser beam which is initially Zarkoya by radioactive phosphorous substance in the lamp to the light of pure white brightness and is very harmful to the eye.