BMW i5 Electric

BMW would begin making a slew of electric vehicles under its new “i” brand. The compact BMW i3 hatchback and BMW i8 coupe featured in the latest Mission: Impossible movie are expected to be the first two to bring BMW’s brand sport-oriented flavor to the green masses. But those cars are at very different ends of the spectrum. What would slot in between, you ask?
Reportedly, BMW has finalized what its third electric vehicle, the BMW i5, will be like. According to Germany’s Autobild, it will be a tall midsize car that will be much like the 2012 Toyota Prius v, except it’ll likely be fun to drive. The magazine is also saying it’ll have sliding doors, a commodious cargo hold, and 170 horsepower going to the rear wheels via an electric motor at each rear wheel.
Much like the BMW i3 from which it borrows the electric powertrain, it should be one of the more powerful electric vehicles on the road. Also like the i3, it will have an available 90-horsepower gasoline-powered three-cylinder engine to serve as a range-extending power generator.
Prices in Germany are expected to start at around $65,000, but overseas customers have traditionally paid more for European vehicles than we do when they’re sent stateside. The i5 is expected to launch around 2015, not long after its i3 and i8 counterparts hit the market. We’ll keep you updated with new information as we receive it.