Volvo XC60 Plug-in Concept

Volvo has released first details of its 100mpg XC60 Plug-in Concept ahead of next week's Detroit Motor Show
First details of the Volvo XC60 Plug-in Hybrid Concept have been revealed. And unlike the V60 Plug-in, it gets a petrol engine rather than a diesel. The wraps will be taken off the new concept at the Detroit Motor Show to promote Volvo’s hybrid systems to the petrol-loving American market.

It's powered by a 276bhp four-cylinder turbo petrol engine and a 69bhp electric motor, which drive the front and rear wheels respectively. When they are working together, Volvo claims the XC60 Plug-in Hybrid will be able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 6.1 seconds. 

A full charge of the batteries takes 7.5 hours from a standard socket, and the XC60 will be able to travel up to 28 miles in electric-only mode. Keep it in Hybrid mode and the Plug-in will manage more than 100mpg and produce just 53g/km of CO2. A Power mode is also available for maximum acceleration. 

Despite its Concept tag, the XC60 Plug-in will almost certainly make production late in 2012, but don’t expect it to be cheap. The V60 Plug-in commands a £5,000 premium over the currently most expensive model in the range. With that in mind,